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I Can Only Imagine

I came upon this video today of Wynonna Judd declaring that she has recently given her life to the Lord,  followed by her singing a beautiful and emotional version of “I Can Only Imagine.”  It is truly one of my favorite songs.  In fact, when I’m driving in the car and it comes on the radio, I can’t help but raise my hand in adoration of my Savior.  It’s pure bliss!

This is an amazing moment for God in so many ways.  Not only am I so inspired by this testimony of a broken woman saved by Grace, but I am thrilled beyond words that she testified on national TV!  Recently, Carrie Underwood did the same thing with her version “How Great Thou Art.”

As believers, sometimes we look at the world and become dismayed that there are so many who don’t know Him.  We wonder, “Where are you, God?”  Let this serve as a reminder that God’s plan IS in motion! His plan IS more than we can comprehend and it IS perfect!  Let His light pour out of YOU!!