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I host a Christian talk show on TSPNTV called Love, Hope and Faith with Heather Murdock. My prayer is that you will be encouraged and inspired that no matter where you’ve been there’s hope.

Here are Youtube links to some of the shows:

I recently had the opportunity of being on Shasta’s Journey hosted by the amazing Shasta Garcia. She is a teenager with her own talk show where her mission is to help and inspire people to live a life of purpose. She is a wonderful host and a young woman with a huge heart for the Lord! Great interview! Watch here.

Pastor and Marriage and Family therapist, Elaine Briefman shares with us what it means to have our identity abused, when our God-given identity is damaged through various types of abuse. As a recovering perfectionist, I can really relate to this, but there is Good News! There is healing from abuse! What causes this damage and how can we recover? Watch now! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Speaker and writer, Rhonda Johnson shares her testimony of overcoming not just one, but many life’s issues through her relationship with Jesus. If you’ve been through abuse, abortion, divorce, miscarriage or job loss, you need to watch this! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Lakishia Banister, author of “Overcome the Obstacle Pursue the Dream” was my special guest. She was an unwed mother by 17, but refused to be a statistic. By the time she was 24 she had three kids, and by 26 she had three degrees, including a Master’s. She is a powerful speaker and a woman who is proof that we are a product of our choices and that we are not defined by our past. Amazing woman of God! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This is a special episode of Love, Hope and Faith with Heather Murdock as I am the guest and my pastor, Mark Lehman, is the guest Host who interviews me. God has been doing some absolutely amazIng things in my life lately that have brought me full circle from my childhood into a place of hope and promise. This story is truly miraculous in many ways. I believe this story will give you hope and peace as you see the hand of God working so powerfully. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Pastor Mark Lehman joins me in to talk about the amazing way the church and our community has come together to respond to the Butte Fire crisis. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Retired Pastor George Stathos comes back to his community to pastor a church called City Church. He shares how God has taken him on a journey of grace and deeper understanding of what God’s love means to us. They are building on the idea of simply loving God, simply loving people. A deconstructed approach to church. Don’t miss this powerful interview! Part 1, Part 2.

Kelly Phillips, staff member with Cru, talks about how God is working on University Campuses and teaches how we can share our faith with others.  Great episode with role playing how to overcome our fear of evangelizing. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

In honor of September being National Suicide Prevention month, I invited Scott Coleman to share his story of overcoming the devastating impact of his father’s suicide and abandonment by his mother. A story of hope. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Suki Kaur came to America from India as a child and experienced deep loss as her father was killed in a car accident, leaving her mom and siblings to make it in a new culture. Coming from a long line of sikhs, enduring tremendous abuse and an arranged marriage, Suki discovers a relationship with Jesus. Amazing story of hope! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Stephanie Sherwood, Speaker and Founder of Tapestry Network, was my special guest this week and shares what she has learned walking through the valleys of life. God has given her vision and purpose through some of the hardest things in life. Great interview! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

No matter how you start in life, you can finish well. Adele Messier has overcome childhood abuse, physical disabilities, OCD, depression and many other things. Her story of hope and transformation is so inspiring. You don’t want to miss this interview! Watch here.

What is a Charismatic Catholic? Learn more about the giftings of the Holy Spirit, and how they create unity in the body of Christ. How can you clothe yourself in in compassion and put on love? Watch here for practical applications. Watch here.

Pastor’s wife and missionary, Desiree Carnell, joins me to talk about marriage, motherhood and going to the ends of the earth for the cause of Christ. Great conversation and practical ways to live out the Great Commission right where you are. Watch here.

40 Churches in 40 Weeks is an upcoming documentary and book about the state of today’s Church. My guest, Sharon Bollum, is the producer and writer of this project, as well as a pastor and speaker. She has a passion for helping the Church to be who Jesus calls us to be and has taken an objective look at where we are. Watch here.

Tammy Carroll, Christian life coach and speaker, was my special guest this week and shared her story of how she was kidnapped by a coworker in her early twenties, and how that left her with feelings of worthlessness and guilt. Through her faith in God, she is now teaching women who they are in Christ so they may experience true joy and freedom. Watch here.

Amazing interview with Katie Aguirre who has a ministry called Operation Warmth that distributes sleeping bags, tents and prayer to the homeless. Powerful story of  how God birthed the vision in Katie to help those who have so little. Watch Part One here. Part Two here.

Christian Author and Speaker, Kathy Fellure on Love, Hope and Faith with Heather Murdock!  Watch as she shares how God has used some very difficult circumstances to teach her how to trust him with everything. Also, she shares some great writing tips to get you writing and keep you writing.  Watch here.

I talk with Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, Rennie Simpson, about several topics, including how to have a peaceFULL life despite our circumstances, and how to overcome feelings of condemnation and unworthiness. Watch here.

Bradley Clark of the Bradley Clark Band is my guest on LHF this week as we discuss issues of depression, addiction and relapse.  No matter where you’ve been there IS hope!  Watch here.

Watch this episode and learn how we are FULLY LOADED with the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome obstacles! Let’s get out of the way and let God do his mighty work in and through us! Great show, don’t miss!!  Watch here

Popular Christian singer and Reality Check talk show host on The Fish, Lisa Daggs, was my guest this week.  She has a huge testimony of recovery and a passion to share God’s message of hope with the lost and hurting.  Don’t miss out as we talk about life, love and the power of forgiveness.  Watch here.

Holding onto unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Watch this powerful interview as my guest, Kat Victor Spears, shares how Jesus taught her how to forgive her mom just before she passed away.  Kat shares about the freedom she has as a result of letting go. Don’t miss this touching interview!  Watch here.

You never know what God has up His sleeve!  He’s a fantastic, suddenly kind of God that is gracious to let us be a part of His amazing plans.  Meet four young adults from all around the world, traveling with YWAM, that came to be a guess on Love, Hope and Faith!  What hearts for Jesus they have!  Listen as they share their hearts about being the young believers in today’s world.  Watch here.

I had the privilege of having part of the Bradley Clark Band on my show this week, and they debuted their brand new song, Hold On from the soon to be released new album, Hold On!  Check out this fun and powerful interview! Click here to watch.

Incredible interview with Christian comedian, speaker and author Jana Flaig.  She is a cancer survivor that is using her experiences as her “Been There” ministry to others who are fighting cancer, or any of life’s curve balls.  One of my favorite interviews yet!  Powerful and encouraging and funny!!  Click here to watch.

One of my favorite guests returning, pastor Dale Barrett.  Its 4th of July and we talk freedom!  Join us as we talk about what it means to be free in Christ.  We also discuss many points like ministry, suicide, faith, boundaries and grieving. Click here to watch.

Check out my interview with Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader, Steve Pepper.  His testimony will show you the power of Jesus in the wake of destruction and chaos.  Powerful!! Click here to watch.

Our youth are not disciples in waiting, they are disciples in training. Great interview introducing our new youth pastor and his wife, Austin and Amber Bender.  I also learned about the Amador Pregnancy Help Center through my interview with Ann Taylor and Robert Mees.  Great show!  Click here to watch.

A man full of grace and truth, my pastor, Mark Lehman.  Listen as we talk about marriage and family. Click here to watch.

Meet local Christian singer, Heather Lynn!  Listen as she shares about some of the darker times in her faith and how they made her faith stronger.  Click here to watch.

Singer songwriter Holly Starr, and some of her bandmates were my very special guests this week! Wow! Watch as she shares how God changed her heart by changing her mind.  Click here to watch.

Today I explore love, hope and faith through God’s word, and my own personal experiences.  Click here to watch.

Inspirational and informational show about foster parenting and adoption.  Look what God can do when we say Yes! Click here to watch.

Jesus can take our mess and make it His message!  Watch this powerful story of redemption and mercy, from prison to pastor, Pastor Brandon Stearns.  Click here to watch.

Sandi and Steve Padilla interview, what beautiful and inspiring music and what a testimony!  Click here to watch.

Triple homicide, family secrets and God’s amazing grace!  Click here to watch.

Candid interview with Judge Elect Steve Hermanson.  Watch as he shares his story from trouble to triumph!  Click here to watch.

I sit down with Pastor Dale Barret as he shares with genuine transparency about divorce, death, and surrender. Click here to watch.

Powerful interview about eating disorders! Inspirational and informational!  Click here to watch.

Break free from the bondage of your past and experience the freedom of Jesus!  Click here to watch.